Infrastructure Services

  • Monitoring

    Network Monitoring gives a complete visibility into the health and performance of your workstations and servers. It helps to spot and address potential issues, such as: disk failures, web site failures, database failures, mail failures and Windows services disruptions, - long before they impact operations. Automated, customizable checks and configurable alerts put you in control of the network.

    Info Communications will help to setup and monitor you network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year and when an issues occurs, we will provide you a solution and fix the issue within agreed SLAs.

  • Network

    Setting up a network is a good way to get more out of your system and its components. Networking allows you to manage easily all of the operations of a business like communication, mail, printing, file storage, etc. By setting up a network correctly, the computers will be used to their full potential. You can access the Internet with any computer on the network, as well as share files and devices across it. An effective computer network design can make a big difference for the business.

    Info Communications will help to setup or upgrade your network to suite your business need's.

  • Antivirus

    Any computer and Internet user, regardless of the reasons that they are online, need to have the latest antivirus software programs installed on their computer. Even thought most of these programs come already installed with your computer and are free, antivirus software is absolutely essential to safe and uninterrupted internet usage. It also plays an important role in computer safety, as it can protect your vital documents and files from becoming damaged or lost forever. For businesses, a computer virus can have a drastic impact on operations. Going without computers for days on end could mean that a business misses critical deadlines, or that it misses out on important product orders. This can affect the profitability of any business, and means that finding adequate virus protection, which is scaled to the needs of a business is vital to protect its bottom line.

  • Backup

    Because data is the heart of the business, it's crucial to protect it. Backing up files can protect against accidental loss of user data, database corruption, hardware failures, and even natural disasters. Data backup is an often-overlooked aspect of running a business. With businesses increasingly relying on computers and operating online, it is now more important then ever to have a secure digital backup system in place. Data loss can cause huge problems and in some cases will result in a loss of revenue.

  • FireWall

    A firewall is a vital piece of your business's defence against electronic threats. Serving as a gatekeeper between your company's servers and the outside world, a properly maintained firewall will not only keep external threats out, but it can also alert you to more subtle problems by intercepting outgoing data as well. Paired with a well-maintained anti-malware suite, a firewall can save your business from spending time and money dealing with virus infections or hacker attacks.

  • Email

    For a business, emails are the fastest way to communicate with their staff, clients and vendors, without having to schedule a time for a phone call or a meeting. Without email, the business won't last very long. Since each email could potentially contain vital information, losing an email is just not acceptable. Therefore, you want to ensure that the business have the right email server or email service.

  • VPN

    There comes a time in most businesses when circumstances dictate that one or more users work from home either full- or part-time. In other cases, it may simply be convenient for business owners and employees to be able to use company resources from home or (unfortunately) while on vacation. The best way to provide such remote access is with a VPN. A VPN enables a computer that is located outside the business network to connect to that network as if it were inside the building, allowing access to internal resources such as file shares, applications, and printers.

  • VOIP

    VoIP is the transmission of communications of voice and other communication based media like SMS messages over the internet, instead of using a Public Switched Telephone Network Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a type of technology that allows its users to make calls using the broadband Internet rather than the conventional or analog phone system. VoIP works by converting sound into digital voice communication and then transferring it through Internet broadband. The cost of using a VoIP telephone is much cheaper than using a conventional phone. Making long distance phone calls are also cheaper when using a VoIP provider.

  • Software Development Services

  • Prototype Building

    Info Communications helps in creating prototypes of mobile applications, i.e., demo or sample of the mobile application being developed.

    Prototype Building has several benefits:
    Mobile and SMS Applications.

    One can compare if the mobile app that has been developed made matches the requirement specification of client. With the help of prototype building our mobile app developers can get an idea whether the deadlines and milestones proposed can be successfully met or not. Our mobile app developers can get feedback from the users at early stage of the project.

  • Application Developement

    Info Communications develops the mobile application with best UI and functionality.

    Basically a mobile application is a software program which you can download and also access using your phone or another mobile device, like a Smartphone/tablet. Mobile applications can be pre-installed on phones; they can be downloaded by customers from various mobile software distribution platforms.

  • Mobile Solutions

    Mobile solution helps in it transferring the information quickly between front line sales force and the back office support . To compete in today's business environment, enterprises are in need to mobilize their workforce. It helps enterprises to stay ahead in competition. Mobile enterprise is general term to describe a corporation or large organization that supports critical business functions and use of business applications via wireless mobile devices.

  • Marketing Solutions

    Info Communications Apps helps in supporting marketing activities and improve marketing effectiveness through enterprise mobility. Marketing plays a vital role in business since it contributes greatly to the success of the organization. Production and distribution depend largely on marketing. It is rightly said that heart of business lies in marketing Through mobile application's one can improve their marketing strategy in very small time.

  • Website & Mobile Apps

    Here is the reason why Info Communications supports website to mobile conversion:

    Now a day's most of the people who use their mobile phones, Smartphone, and tablets to access the web. One of the important aspects is that mobile application gives portability. It does not consume much time. Mobile applications are feasible to use and user friendly.

  • Website Developement Security

    Info Communications provides website development security

    The security considerations include data entry error checking through encryption, filtering output, forms. To grant unauthorized access to malicious user's scripts can be exploited. The malicious users try to collect information such as email addresses, passwords and protected content like credit card numbers. Website development security restricts malicious users.

  • Mobility Benefits

    • Access
    • Cost Saving
    • Accuracy
    • Productivity
    • Control
    • Responsiveness
    • Differentiation


    • Manage
    • Secure
    • Access
    • Collaborates
    • Improve
    • Leverage
    • Determine
    • Innovative
    • Support